Dancing Monks & Irish Saints

Abbey of the Arts Series,
in partnership with Christine Valters Painter

Find prints of each painting in my Etsy store:

Benedict of Nursia, Brigid of Kildaire,
Mary Mother of God, and Hildegarde of Bingen

Prophet Miriam, Francis of Assisi,
Brendan the Navigator, and 
King David

Rainer Maria Rilke, Amma Syncletica,
Thomas Merton, and Dorothy Day

And the ALL NEW Dancing Monks for this year are the following:

Two *NEW* Irish Saints! 
Kevin of Glendalough and Gobnait of Ballyvourney!!

Also available in print form this year is the Monastic Way Series which are as follows:

Thich Naht Hahn, Dalai Lama, Catherine of Siena

Teresa of Avila, Dorothy Day, Rumi

Gandhi, Saint Paul, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Etty Hillesum, Georgia O'Keeffe, Rabia Basri

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