Sunday, September 4, 2016

Life's a Beach, or The Rabbit Room Paints Some Beach House Steps

A couple of weeks ago, The Rabbit Room went on location to an Erie Beach House for a stair transformation. This job satisfied a lot of wishes I'd been wanting to fulfill lately, such as: 1) painting outside; 2) painting a big mural; 3) staying in a Beach House (isn't that always a wish?) 

Even though the cottage was really only about 3 miles from the Usual Rabbit Room Location, it felt like a completely different town. And even though I painted for a few hours each day, I felt as though I were totally relaxed and on vacation. It's GREAT to permanently live in a Dreamy, Beachy Place!

The Rabbits didn't get to come, as there were no furry things allowed in the house. That means they, too, got a vacation from my staring at them. 

Here are some pictures of the progression from blank canvas to finished:


The steps, looking up (there are 30 some steps, so it was easy to get lots of exercise this week!):

The steps, looking down:

The panel up the side of the steps (under a porch/ deck). Here you can see the beginning sketch of a Great Blue Heron flying over the waves of Lake Erie, and then in the next two pictures, the start of the painting, and the painting completed:

Next, the steps themselves. I gave them tried and true beach glass colors to start them off:

And then, I added some fish scales to the tops of the steps. And a Welcome mat:

Because the owners of the house have grandchildren who visit, I decided to hide a few little mini paintings along the railings and in other places for little eyes to find:

And, of course, no stay at a Beach House would be complete without beautiful sunsets, which happened every night! We are so, incredibly lucky to see sunsets like these all summer long in Erie, Pennsylvania. If you've never been here, the sunsets alone are worth the visit!

And here's a video, too, to make it more realistic. Turn up your sound so you can hear those waves!

And that's the end of my story. 
The moral of this story is that if you have a beach house (or any house, really), and you are interested in having your steps painted, or if you are interested in an outdoor mural of some kind, let me know! The Rabbit Room (sans Rabbits) may be available for more on location work!

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