Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Icon Prints Now Available!

Hello to all you fans of the Abbey of the Arts Saints Icon Series!

Thank you so much for your super kind comments and all the Facebook likes that these paintings have received over the last couple of months.  Rabbits and I have worked hard on these, so we appreciate and are humbled by your thoughtfulness!!

Both Christine and I have gotten many requests to make these paintings available as prints.  We are now offering the first four for you to have for your very own.  Yay!!

50% of what you pay for each print will go directly to an Abbey of the Arts Scholarship Fund.  (But I will let Christine tell you more about that.)

The prints are made locally in my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania by my professional printer/ framer friend, Matt Lebowitz.  He's a great guy and makes great quality prints.  Each print will be shipped to you on an archival quality matte board that brings out the beauty of the colors in the print itself.

You will see the prints each listed below.  Before we get to that, here are the details:

Individual prints are $50 each + $5 for shipping.
If you buy a set of any two prints, it is $90 + $5 shipping
If you buy all four prints, it is $175 + $10 shipping

Prints are 6 inches wide x 10 inches high and are mounted on an 11 x 14 board.

AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Deadline for print orders is midnight (New York City time) on  St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2014.  
All orders will be printed and shipped after that date.  

Hildegard of Bingen

Benedict of Nursia

Brigid of Kildare

Mary, Mother of God

Buy Any Two Prints 
(make sure you indicate the ones you want)

Buy All Four Prints


  1. Will you ship abroad - to the UK? Would love one (or more!) of these prints. Thanks, Hilary

  2. Sure, Hilary! I'm kind of excited about sending these all over the world, actually. Thanks for asking. :)

  3. Hi Marcy. Just ordered. Can you please confirm that I ordered Hildegard? Thanks for your work! Judith

  4. order received and confirmed, Judith! thank you!

  5. I just ordered two prints, but I doubt you know which ones! I would like Benedict and Hildegarde. Would you confirm?

  6. Oh I am so excited at all the dancing monk icons that will be gracing altars all over the world!

  7. love your work! saw them in Christine's note today

  8. Hi Marcy. I just ordered two, but did not see a place to indicate my choices...they are Hildegard and Benedict - though it was hard to choose! Thank you for creating such joyful art. Laura Cullison

  9. hello---thank you for these beautiful prints. I've purchased 2---but there was no option to list my choices---they are Benedict and Mother of God----confirm please? Have a blessed day---I am grateful for you creativity!

  10. Can't wait to get Brigid of Kildare & Mary, Mother of God. My sister-in-law loved her Ganesh & my friend is going to love Brigid. Mary is staying with me though. Thank you for your talent Marcy! <3 Linda

  11. Beautiful prints-- I ordered two, and had to make an order for each-- hope you can combine them for shipping, Brigid and Hildegard--and maybe refund the $5.00 shipping?? thank you.
    Susan Kintner

  12. Hi Marcy - Here is someone else from a far part of the world! I have ordered a full set of prints - and hope that you don't mind sending them as far as New Zealand? Do you want to charge me more postage? Let me know!
    Thanks - Anne

  13. hello,

    I saw your image of St Bendan and was so drawn to it, i would love to order a print of it along with that of our Lady of Guadalupe, is this possible? I don't see where i order for St Brendan. Many thanks

  14. hi, marie! yes, your order went through, though my records say march 3rd. hope all is well in australia!

  15. Thank you so much - I am looking forward to receiving them. All is well in Australia - my part received it's first rain in over 100 days so I am very very happy. :-)

  16. Hi, I ordered the full set of four. Could you give an estimate on when they will be available to ship?

  17. marie, i sent the prints all out last week, early on in the week. however mailing to australia can take some time, i know. but just so you know, they are coming!! :) thanks for your patience.

  18. Hi Marcy,
    Thanks for letting me know :-)

  19. I REALLY want to purchase Brendan the Navigator but all of these were purchased in 2014! Is there any chance that you will make more?