Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Guaudy's Day!

Happy Our Lady of Guadalupe Day! 

(Also, Happy Birthday to our neighbor's 13 year old dog, but that's another story.)

Here in the Rabbit Room, we've been busy painting a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe (or, just plain "Guady," as we call her here) to go along with the next Heart on Fire Workshop that Christine is running in February. Make sure you click on that link for more info about the workshop.

Ummmm..... it's about Guady.  In case you were unclear.  Which I'm sure you weren't.

Below, you'll see the painting that Blueberry and I made. 

OK, mostly, it is Blueberry's work.  I helped though. 

Prints are available!  

8 x 10
Our Lady of Guadalupe Print

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