Thursday, May 3, 2012

What? A Rabbit Movie?

I know, right?  When was the last time the Rabbit Room posted a Rabbit Movie?



It has been awhile.  I guess we've been pretty busy with painting and such.  That's OK, but Rabbits Are Stars.  They Need To Be In Movies.

I haven't mentioned it before now, but for my birthday, now over a month ago, I asked for and got a new video camera called the GoPro Hero 2.  It is AWESOME, and I love it, but I haven't had much time to play around with it so I can see how it works.

So far, I have only made two movies.  The idea of the camera is that it is great for capturing motion, especially fast motion,  and it's good for shooting in low lighting.

(When you see the Rabbit Movie I made, you will be like, "Wow!  Look at how it captured that Rabbit Moving SO SUPER FAST!"  And then, you will be like, "Wait, I think that Rabbit is just sitting there.  Hmmmm.")

Also, the GoPro Hero 2 is SUPER SMALL AND ADORABLE, which is always a selling point for me.  (As a child, I was obsessed with dollhouse furniture, so, you know.)  The GoPro is about as big as a mini bunny's head.  Maybe even a tiny bit smaller, since the camera has no ears.  Well, and to it's detriment, the GoPro Hero 2 is also not velvety soft like a mini bunny's head.  But size wise, it is kind of close.

Here is my first GoPro movie.  It is not great.  But it is a Movie of Blueberry's Exceptional Whiskers, so really, how can that be bad? 

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  1. Wow, rabbits really have a darn lot of whiskers, don't they??

    Toby's performance was totally convincing!