Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dewlaps are Awesome

As I was writing that title, I thought to myself, yes, Dewlaps ARE awesome, but....as a human, I'm not sure how excited I'd be if I actually grew one.

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Dewlap, it is loose, pendulous skin that hangs below the neck or throat on certain Animals. 

Like, it seems cool in theory to have your own built in resting spot.  Say you are out and about, and you get sleepy-- all you have to do is kind of moosh your chin down into this fold of skin and snooze away.  They do make pillows to this effect.

The problem would be that Dewlaps can get pretty out of control, so reality, they may not look too attractive on a human if it were actually attached.

Well, that may be an understatement.

But, on a Bunny....

(Random Internet Bunny)
or, apparently, on a Lizard...

(Random Internet Lizard)
...they look pretty darn cool, yes?

I had the opportunity to photograph Blueberry using Her Dewlap to take a little rest on the other day, which is what got me thinking about Dewlaps most recently.  Not that I don't already think of them on a fairly regular basis, mind you.

These photos represent Blueberry's Dewlap in an almost Elizabethan way (which is extra funny considering that Elizabeth the Bunny was about a foot away when the photos were taken).

What do you think?  Would you like a Dewlap?  Or will you, maybe, leave it to the Rabbits?


  1. Hmm...this is a tough call.

    If I had a dewlap, would it be as soft and fuzzy as a rabbits? Or would it be more like a lizard's dewlap...or just bare human skin?

    That will definitely influence my decision.

    Blueberry's dewlap looks quite excellent, of course.

  2. Dewlaps are still awesome, but it may be time for an update!! :)

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