Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meanwhile, on Danger Bunny

All the Rabbits here in the Rabbit Room hope that you had a fabulous Easter and that you Celebrated Rabbits Sufficiently.


(In case you missed Danger Bunny's Easter Public Service Announcement, please view it now.  It contains Important Information that you won't want to miss!)

This week, we have a special Danger Bunny for you.  (I know!  They are ALL SPECIAL!  And I always say that, but let me assure you, it feels just as true each time I say it.)

It's one of my favorite kinds of shows that exists in the television world-- the Blooper Episode.

Now, because Danger Bunny has been making other Special Episodes of late, including pics from Her Appearance at the Oscars and Her (Aforementioned) Celebration of Easter, as well as Her Run for President, you may want to re-watch the Old Standby Episodes:   
Her Introduction Episode,  Episode 1Episode 2,  and Episode 3 before you embark upon.....the Blooper Reel.

OK, are you full up on all the reruns?  Ready for something new?

I give to you Danger Bunny:  The Blooper Reel!!!

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