Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, Danger Bunny is... a little bit excited.

 This shot of Her at the Oscars may SEEM exciting, but it's only a drop in the Excitement Bucket compared to.....

....Last Week?  In the mail?   

DANGER BUNNY'S first Fan Mail arrived.

It is tres exciting.  I mean, how many of YOU get fan mail?  


I thought so.

As you may know, DANGER BUNNY is running for President.

Also, as you may know, DANGER BUNNY is Awesome.

But aside from those two things, (and is there any aside from the fact that She is running for President and is Awesome??)  SHE NOW ALSO GETS FAN MAIL!!  (Which kind of coalesces with the fact that She is Awesome and that She is running for President.)


And for that fact, She is quite excited.

Take a gander at Her Fan Mail Enclosure:

I know, right?  It is BEAUTIFUL!  DANGER BUNNY may have Meow Meow sew this onto Her Cape.

And, at this point, Danger Bunny wants to remind you to VOTE FOR HER!

(Just do it, ok?  Don't ask questions.  She will tell you Her platform later, but does it really matter?  The fact that She is a Bunny should be all you need to know.)

AND NOW, A WARM RABBIT THANK YOU GOES OUT TO LISA (a.k.a. Kavindra, a.k.a. Lucy and Flash's mum) FOR THE WONDERFUL (and so very deserved) FAN MAIL!  
Love, Danger Bunny

Stay tuned for more Danger Bunny Adventures!!

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