Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blueberry wants a WHAT?

It was reported here on one of the Rabbit Girls' Favorite sites:   I Love My House Rabbit

And, it's possible that you may have even seen this national news report:  ABC News

I will wait.  You check those links.

Tap, tap, tap.

Did you see the pictures?  Did you watch the video on ABC? 

This pair is from our very own zoo right here in Erie, PA!  It is very exciting news!!

So, here's the current problem here in the Rabbit Room:  NOW ALL BLUEBERRY CAN TALK ABOUT IS HAVING HER OWN GORILLA!!

She texts and calls all day while I'm at work asking for a Gorilla!

ap gorilla bunny zoo nt 120312 wblog Unlikely Animal Pair: Aging Gorilla, Bunny Are New Pals
Panda and Her Gorilla, Samantha, hanging out

So, let me ask all of you parents out there-- how do you combat the effect the media has on your children?

Tell me that, or send me a Gorilla!

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