Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who was REALLY Best Dressed at the Oscars?

How many of you watched the Academy Awards on Sunday?  Probably quite a few of you.

Today, we want to expose a Conspiracy To Hide Important Information that took place at that particular awards show.

What's the Conspiracy?

Well, as you know, Danger Bunny could not be nominated for any awards for this year's Oscars since She's only been on the Acting and Movie Scene during this year of 2012.

But....that doesn't mean that She was not sent an invitation.  It also doesn't mean She did not attend.

The question is:  How many of you saw Her?  Probably none of you.

That's because, like all SuperHeroes, Danger Bunny has an Arch Nemesis.  (You will meet said Nemesis soon enough, but let's not soil today's post by speaking of Evil.)  Suffice it to say that Her Nemesis has Evil Power that kept Danger Bunny out of the Red Carpet Spotlight She deserves.  She was featured in photos all night, but did you see Her?

We didn't think so.

But, that's what it is to have an Evil Nemesis.  Those of you with an Evil Nemesis understand what it's like to be constantly foiled.


Fortunately, we did uncover a few photos form the night's events that we thought you might like to see:

Here, Danger Bunny arrives with Her escort:

Here, Danger Bunny is featured with other Fashionistas on the Red Carpet wearing Her Victoria Beckham designed "Sporty Spice" Mask and Cape:

And, finally, here we see Danger Bunny with one of Her closest friends, Kermit the Frog:

The life of a SuperHero is never just simple.  Conspiracies can meet you at every turn.  Coverups and falsified statements against you are a way of life.  People are eager to believe the worst about you.  Just ask Batman or Wonder Woman or anyone else.  They'll tell you the same.

Danger Bunny is used to such things.

She is a true SuperHero.


  1. Absolutely SO MUCH FUN!!!!! :)

  2. I see Gwyneth was copying DB's look with the cape. DB wears it MUCH better! (saucier!)