Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who IS That Masked Bunny, Anyway?

I've had lots of comments about Danger Bunny, both in written and in in-person form.

Thank you for your support of Danger Bunny!  Bunnies SHOULD be noticed.  Especially SuperBunnies (and I know you're thinking "Which ones AREN'T Super?" and you are good and right to think such thoughts).

It's hard for a young SuperBunny just starting out.  There are SO MANY superheroes in the world already, defending us from evil, insidious injustices, and other random whatnot.  We are thankful for the likes of them.

Really.  We are.

But now that Danger Bunny is here, and you know She is watching over you, don't you feel just a little safer?

At any rate, I thought it unfair to make you wait too long to have your next dose of DB.  Feel free to spread the word of her capers.  She has a Dream of Making an Impression and Sending a Message to a World of Evil That Would Like to Steal Her Yogurt Chip.  Or Something Even More Evil.

It's Unspeakable. 

My only advice: Don't let a SuperBunny fly away with your heart unless you don't want it back.

And with that warning, I give you more Danger Bunny:


  1. big smiles and claps from Gideon! He wants more.

  2. Oh Danger Bunny, You are SUCH a tease! But, I feel SO much safer now that you
    are here! Thanks for taking care of us mere mortals!

  3. Very EPIC and suspenseful! I am on the edge of my seat! Who is this masked super Bunny??????

  4. Is it true that Danger Bunny inspired the great pyramids and also oversees the Bermuda Triangle? These are things I have heard.

    Danger Bunny Fan Club Member

  5. Hee, hee, hee,hhe! Danger Bunny makes me giggle!