Thursday, February 16, 2012

The thing about Rabbits

There are absolutely One Million Things to LOVE about Rabbits.  You know this already.

They are Soft.

They are Cuddly.

They are Smart.

Those are just a few.  I am sure you can come up with the other million things on your own.  It hardly even takes effort.

Make no mistake, though-- it is not simple to be a Bunny.  It takes copious amounts of energy.  In order to be all those things, Rabbits must eat.  A lot.  There is always something in their Adorable Little Pie Hole.

Though, it is not usually pie.  It is usually....HAY!  So, shall we amend that last sentence to a more appropriate moniker?  Let's call it a Hay Hole from here on out, (though it would be synonymous with a Lettuce Hole, Parsley Hole, Yogurt Chip Hole, Banana Hole, and on and on).

In any case, Hay is a Big Consideration.  The Rabbit Room Rabbits eat Organic.  Call them snobby if you want to, but they swear by it.  Because of the Organic thing, we used to order their hay online from a great place in New England. 

Now, we get it LOCALLY from a different place called Fresh From the Vines.  (If you are a local Erie Rabbit, you and your human should check this place out!!)  A friend and I drove to Fresh From the Vines last weekend to get some of the deeee-licious hay, so I thought today I would share some of the pictures I took during our visit.  (The photos have been slightly altered for fun since I am a bit obsessed with my new iPad app "LoMob.")

A Chicken and a Tree

A Chicken, Perhaps Standing on Tip Toes

The Ears of a Donkey Named Sweet Pea

The Entire Body of a Donkey Named Precious 
Who Could be Eeyore's Stunt Double

Big Rooster on Campus.  Uh.  That's Right.

The Ladies

An (Obviously Talented) Alpaca Named Picasso
It was a great visit.  No Rabbits, but Chickens, Donkeys, and an Alpaca are pretty darn awesome.
And so ends this tale of Hay. 


  1. That looks like a fun place to visit. :)

  2. I love it Marcy! You saw an alpaca! Yeah! And chickens! They rock! I love your photos! They made me jump up and down and clap!