Thursday, February 23, 2012

Preseident's Day Happenings

I had five days off over the President's Day Weekend.  It was Awesome!  President Blueberry is a Benevolent President!

President Blueberry says, "Take five days off!  I demand it!!"

In any case, lots of Art happened in the Rabbit Room during those five days.  Some Danger Bunny Stories were born as well as some new paintings that will be posted next week.

Also, we went for a walk on Presque Isle on a particularly beautiful day (and we've had a lot of beautiful days of late!) and I took some pictures I thought I would share.  Usually by this time of the winter, the lake is pretty frozen and the ice dunes make the beach look like a mountain range!

Not this year.


This year has been mild and lovely.  Though still chilly, as you can see:

Soon the ice will melt away and President Blueberry and Princes Elizabeth will declare it to be Spring!  A Rabbit's Favorite Season!

Let's end this post with a Random Bunny Shot:

Princess Elizabeth!

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